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The Angitis is the most important and largest of the tributaries of the Strimonas River, which is approximately 75 km long.

At the level of the village Simvoli, where the adjoining springs intersect is where the Angitis River starts and a labyrinthine path with vertical cliffs, form the gorge Angitis.

After exiting the Alistrati Cave, it ends at the Angistas Railway Station, where there is the Old Bridge.

The Angitis Gorge is located a few meters away from the railway line that passes near the Cave of Alistrati,

The entrance for visitors is from the village of Simvoli. The Gorge is known as “Petra Strait” and “Dioriga”. In some places the gorge rock paintings have been found depicting camels, deer, horsemen holding spears, and abstract designs.

In the river, sports like rafting, canoeing, kayaking etc. are being developed.

Consider do some exercise in the nature!