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The second largest city in Greece is very popular with tourists, and as you walk along its seaside promenade you can take a glimpse at some of its largest tourist attractions, while others might be just around the corner.

The Aristotle’s Square, the most popular square in Thessaloniki, is surrounded with upscale hotels and stores. If you came to Thessaloniki by car, maybe the most convenient parking lot you can find at the attractive Elefherias Square, next to the promenade. The White Tower, a former Byzantine tower, offers best panoramic views of Thessaloniki, and stages an exhibition of the city’s history. Here, you can also find out the origins of the city’s name.

If you decide to leave a carriage ride along the promenade for the next time and get deeper into the city, you can find a bunch of attractive museums and places to see. Orthodox churches Agia Sophia, Panagia and Agios Dimitrios are most significant religious structures, while Archaeological Museum, War Museum, Galerius Arch and Byzantine Castle wouldn’t make even much larger cities ashamed of.


Kavala is another significant coastal town in northern Greece, dominated by a castle atop the hill in the town’s core. Other significant points of interests of Kavala are Kamares, an aqueduct, and the Mohamed Ali Square; the latter features a statue of a Turk born in Kavala, who was popular as a ruler and beloved by the Greeks.

In the vicinity of Kavala, extraordinary archaeological and religious sites can be found. The ancient city of Philippi, extraordinarily preserved, provides an insight about everyday life led in this progressive city before an earthquake had it destroyed. Within walking distance from Philippi, a chapel and a shrine mark the place where the very first European Christian, Lydia, was baptized.

You should definitely pay them a visit!

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25 éve járunk asprovaltára! A legjobb étterem a votsalakia!!! Kitűtő ételek, kitűnő felszolgálãs jó árak! Ha magAr vagy ês itt jársz, csak a votsalakia! Csaba

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